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hi: no one is here? Jul 24, 2013 14:50:23 GMT 1
DrA: Is this discussion board regarding the BBC doctors TV series? Jul 26, 2013 16:14:27 GMT 1
Katrina: DrA - yes this is a board for the BBC show Doctors :) Jul 26, 2013 17:53:42 GMT 1
sanjana: hi doctor Sept 24, 2013 8:42:46 GMT 1
hi: Enter your reply here... Sept 26, 2013 17:45:35 GMT 1
sicknote: Have the BBC gone MAD?? What the hell are they doing … dressing the cast up as Jane Austin characters? For what purpose - lack of a decent script pertaining to what doctors NORMALLY do for a living?? What a load of rubbish and an insult to the viewers... Oct 15, 2013 13:53:50 GMT 1
jenifer: is there any body? Oct 16, 2013 13:51:33 GMT 1
delaik: hello Oct 29, 2013 22:43:29 GMT 1
delaik: anybody here? Oct 29, 2013 22:43:54 GMT 1
kayleigh: jane austin week was amazing Oct 31, 2013 1:15:11 GMT 1
loo: hi everybody Nov 9, 2013 18:40:12 GMT 1
Bobbybo: I am interested in pursuing a medical career however I tend to have a weak stomach for that kind of stuff. Where I question myself and think I can become use to seeing stuff like that is cuz I am currently a first responder and when I respond to a victim Jan 10, 2014 18:15:45 GMT 1
Bobbybo: I see that I focus on the task at hand and not the blood or whatever I may see. So my question to you dr. Is does seeing body parts ever get better did all of you guys have a strong stomach to see things like that ? Jan 10, 2014 18:17:21 GMT 1
sianax: HiI am in a strange new role where I work with consultant surgeons and have to review ct scans and witness the discussion of cases weekly while also processing data on each patient, in a logical manner so that a true story can be represented. Jan 16, 2014 0:13:26 GMT 1
sianax: You can care and support people in so many different ways. Being a doctor is tough choice and no wonder youngsters are put into it. I take my hat off to all medical profess8nal Jan 16, 2014 0:21:54 GMT 1
jeremy joe: Hi very sexy and Beautful Corrinne Wicks thank you i am such a Big fan of Her. i am so pleased i have found Her keep Your Curves Corrinne Jul 24, 2014 11:34:19 GMT 1
hi :): hi:) Dec 12, 2014 12:11:45 GMT 1
jeremy joe: Hi very sexy and Beautiful Corrinne Wicks thank you i am such a Big fan of Her keep Your curves Corrinne and keep going in Your career i have such massive erection dysfunction i am so pleased i have found You best wishes Apr 12, 2015 21:56:44 GMT 1
planb: hey guys May 28, 2015 21:26:50 GMT 1
will0021: I'm gay :) Aug 6, 2015 11:44:42 GMT 1
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